We are the UK’s Leading Manufacturer of Jersey Wear

As a vertically integrated fast fashion manufacturer, we can partner for all your fast turnaround needs.

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Our services and capabilities

  • Design & Sampling
    Design & Sampling

    In our design studio in Manchester we have a team of designers who are passionate about producing creative work to the highest standard.

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  • Fabrics, Knitting & Dyeing
    Fabrics, Knitting & Dyeing

    Within the group we have our own fabric knitting, dyeing and converting facilities making us wholly self-sufficient for fabric supply.

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  • Garment Production
    Garment Production

    We are able to produce the best quality garment at low costs by having manufacturing bases in both Portugal and Morocco.

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  • Laundry Services
    Laundry Services

    Our laundry is capable of dyeing and wash finishing all kinds of knit and jersey garments. We specialise in all fabrics, even those as delicate as tencel and linen.

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  • Embellishment, Printing & Embroidery
    Embellishment, Printing & Embroidery

    Our screen printing and embroidery service are both housed in the same facility and we have invested large sums to bring the latest state-of-the-art print machinery to our factory.

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  • Logistics & Delivery
    Logistics & Delivery

    Clients can always be assured of a reliable, fast and comprehensive service and we can give our clients up-to-date information about their goods at every stage of the production and delivery process – from fabric to production and through to delivery.

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